Welcome is an Alerion Express  33 owned by Ms. Donna Turley, and much like every Alerion, it has its own history and legacy. “Welcome is a family name,” Donna says, “It’s the fourth one in my family. My dad owned a Stonehorse back in the 70s and that was the very first Welcome.”

Like all Alerion owners, Donna takes great pride in sailing Welcome.  Every Saturday you can find her Alerion over at the Provincetown Yacht Club. “I sail a lot by myself,  but I’ve also sailed with as many as five people on my boat before.” When you own an Alerion 33, however, racing it once a week is not nearly enough. “I always sail her at least once a week and if I’m on vacation I sail her as often as I can. For races I typically sail her at the Provincetown Yacht Club, but I’ve been back and forth to Newport and Buzzards Bay. I sail her mostly in New England waters.” Along with being an incredible boat to race, the Alerion is a wonderful boat for pleasure cruising. “I live near the beach and when I’m not racing her I love to sail her over to the beaches around my area. We anchor off shore and then swim off the boat at the beach.”

Along with the great memories and the great adventures on the Alerion 33, owners also appreciate the great craftsmanship. “It’s a beautiful boat,” says Donna. “The upwind ability, the ability to sail close to windward, the electric winches and the fact the person sailing her can do almost everything from their position is so nice. I love the shrouds…they are made of stainless steel, and having no backstay is really great. The swim ladder is definitely a bonus and the refrigerator barely takes any electricity.  It’s the first refrigerator I’ve had on a boat that I could keep on all the time! The workmanship, even in hidden places is top notch. Overall, the boat is super pretty.

“I bought this boat so I could sail it by myself, but sailing is just much more fun with friends.” says Donna.  “It’s a beautiful boat that handles really well. It’s a pleasure to single hand and a delight to have guest on board. To summarize in one sentence: It’s a fast, easy boat.”

See photos of Welcome racing here (sail no. 40)