photo 2Alerion Yachts has just completed the construction of the first Alerion 41 with a shoal draft keel.  Lucky for her, she has just settled snugly into her cradle on a truck to begin her journey down to South Beach, Miami.

A shoal draft keel is an ideal option for those who wish to cruise in shallower waterways, navigate canals, or have more destination options.  Alerion Yachts’ in-house naval architect, T.J. Perrotti, developed this keel for the Alerion 41.  T.J.’s experience includes being an accomplished chief designer on several America’s Cup projects, and he specializes in keel and rudder technology.

photo 9

The standard keel on the Alerion 41 draws 6’6”, and the shoal draft keel draws 5’6”.  The sailing trim displacement increases about 1100 lbs for the shorter keel, but it does not adversely affect the sailing performance.  With modern day engineering, the boat with a shoal draft keel still points beautifully, and sails with ease.

So if you like sailing without limitations, consider your keel depth options when considering where you would like to explore.

Shoal Draft Keel
Standard Draft Keel