Peter Primont, owner of Alerion 38 #17 lives his life driven by his passions.  When it was time to ignite his passion for sailing, this Long Island native new exactly where to turn.   Until 3 years ago, when Peter wasn’t managing his successful Music publishing business, he was spending his leisure time playing golf.  Since catching the sailing bug, he has yet to return to the golf course.  This past summer we had the pleasure of watching and supporting Peter and his wife, Sheila sail their Alerion Express 38, “Fancy Boy” in the Vineyard Cup.  His competence as a sailor was reflected in the race results.  He defeated a number of  fast sailboats to get sixth overall!  After the race, Peter and Sheila enjoyed a leisurely cruise back to their hometown in Manhasset, Long Island.  Peter emphasises that the single handed ease and large cockpit on the Alerion Express 38 compliments their lifestyle perfectly.  Having  the capability of sailing for an hour or cruising for a week on Long Island Sound is what enables him to pursue his passion for sailing.

 In addition to Peter’s delightful trip to the Vineyard last summer, his most memorable moment came rather unexpectedly.   Peter and Sheila were relaxing in their harbor in Larchmont, New York when they heard on the radio that a pod of dolphins had  surfaced nearby.  They quickly tossed off the mooring and sailed over to the location called out on the radio.  Upon arriving, they found themselves surrounded by more than 150 dolphins swimming and jumping out of the water as if they had always been there.  Those of you who are distantly familiar with the waters around New York City will agree that this is truly a rare sight!   Check out this short video.

 We wish Peter and Sheila more memorable experiences on the Alerion 38 and we’re looking forward to seeing them, as well as a few other 38 owners from New York at the 2011 Vineyard Cup.