Everyone who sails short- or single-handed should have a plan for getting back on the boat in case you find yourself unexpectedly in the water. At Alerion Yachts, we feel so strongly about this safety feature that we include a built-in reboarding ladder as standard equipment on all models 28 feet and up.

The type of ladder we use varies by boat model; here we’re showing the Garlelick EEz-In used on the Alerion Express 28. We like it because the faceplate sits flush with the transom when not in use, and it is designed to deploy with one hand by pulling a release pin. The fold-down steps are very sturdy, and it’s easy to fold up and slide back into the transom after use.

We highly recommend practicing with the ladder after going in the water on purpose, so you’re fully prepared if you find yourself there by surprise.

ladder_closed ladder_transom