Alerion 41 off Bristol RI.

We’re often asked about lifelines on Alerion Yachts; you’ll notice that many of the Alerions featured on this website do not have them. Every Alerion Yacht is offered with lifelines as an option.
Alerion Yachts are designed with a deep cockpit that facilitates comfortable onboard movement. With a clean cabintop and non-overlapping jib, you have excellent visibility from the helm while seated. And Alerion Yachts are incredibly stable – there’s no need to sit up on the side decks or hang over the side for ballast. All sailing systems are led either to the helm station or to the cabinhouse at the forward end of the cockpit, so there’s no need to leave the cockpit while sailing. For these reasons, many owners are perfectly comfortable sailing (and racing!) without lifelines.
Owners with small children or who sail in open waters feel more comfortable with lifelines, and we’re happy to install them. The choice is strictly personal; we’re here to talk with you about your sailing style to make the decision that’s right for you. And we can always retrofit your Alerion with lifelines if you decide to add them later.