The Experience

Choosing Your Alerion

The Alerion ownership experience starts with designing and specifying the boat that meets your needs and aesthetic preferences. In addition to a long list of options available on each model, we offer a variety of fabrics and finishes that will make your boat uniquely yours.

We enjoy this creative process as much as you do; bringing a client’s dream to reality is what fuels the passion of our in-house designers and craftsmen. Our  engineers and designers use complex CAD software and CNC machines to execute on your specific designs while minimizing compromise. The ideas and creativity of our customers improves our models and keeps Alerion Yachts fresh and exciting.

Building Your Alerion

The building process begins when the boat is laid up using our resin-infusion molding process. We carefully monitor the progress of your hull as it passes through the factory, ensuring that every component is carefully crafted and installed.

You can monitor the progress of your boat through regular updates from the factory. You can be involved as much or as little as you like. Some customers visit our facility periodically to follow progress on their boat. Some visit us only upon completion where we join in an appropriate celebration. We encourage you to be as involved as possible as current owners reflect upon these times as a highlight of the Alerion Experience.

Upon commissioning in Rhode Island, we will spend as much time as necessary to assure that you are comfortable and understand all aspects and features of your Alerion. You may choose to have your boat delivered and commissioned elsewhere; our crew will help you select the best yard for carrying out this process. Our technicians are always on call for you or the yard that commissions your new Alerion.

Owning Your Alerion

Although all Alerions are built to the highest quality, we understand that once she is launched, there are questions that come up. Rest assured that our team of technicians is on call to ensure that your Alerion Experience is exceptional. It is this personalized attention after the sale that sets the Alerion Experience apart from others. Once you are underway on the water, we are just a phone call away.

There are active Alerion 28 racing fleets in San Francisco, Annapolis, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Long Island. All of these groups race their boats in a simple one-design format. If you care to partake in any of these activities, we will keep you well informed on our web site and social media pages.

At the end of each sailing season we stand ready to assist you with storage or maintenance needs, or if upgrades are in order you are welcome to bring your boat back to the factory.

In summary, the Alerion ownership experience means that we are there for you every step of the way – from molding the boat to the pure joy of Alerion sailing to storage and service in the off-season. We hope to have you on board.

Sales Inquiry

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