Our Story

The name “Alerion” first gained nautical prominence back in 1912, when Nathaniel Herreshoff designed a 26′ sloop for his personal use and called it “Alerion.” The timeless appeal of his design has spawned a host of imitations, but Alerion Yachts are cast in a different mold. Rather than attempting a warmed-over re-creation of a classic, Alerion Yachts retain the traditional look topside but are completely modern in rig, hull, and underbody design and construction.

The result is a nimble craft that evokes the past in appearance but embraces the present in performance. The admiration this Alerion draws at the dock is doubled by the respect she creates under sail. This is a very fast and maneuverable sailboat, which can turn in its own length and is so well balanced it needs only the lightest touch on the tiller.

Classic lines and proportions coupled with modern underbody design has been incorporated into all the yachts in the Alerion fleet. With more than 600 Alerions in existence, Alerion Yachts are the clear choice of discriminating sailors.

“Day Sailing” is the phrase commonly used to describe setting forth in a small boat that is neither a racer nor cruiser. But that description is inadequate for this swift, elegant line of yachts that now defines a new sailing style. We call it “Alerion Sailing” because it amounts to sailing on terms and at times that best suit you. This selectivity is quite different from traditional racing or cruising, both of which impose extensive commitments of time and crew. To qualify as an “Alerion Sailer” the yacht must begin with significant beauty and complement that with single handed ease and scintillating speed under sail. Meeting these exacting criteria calls for a different approach to hull, deck, and interior design.

For example, the cockpit must be exceptionally large and comfortable because that’s where you will spend most of your time. Since long ocean passages are not part of the plan, the interior is simple, but still stylish and fully functional. To assure single-handed capability, all sail control lines are led to the skipper so he or she can hoist, reef, trim, and lower the sails. This allows you to welcome guests of every skill level, and to singelhand with ease. Once free of the confining logistics of traditional racing or cruising, “Alerion Sailing” enables the discriminating skipper to savor the full flavor of sailing, and still be back in time for a hot shower, good meal and comfortable bed ashore.

Sail More Often with More Enjoyment

The Alerion Yachts are designed for a single purpose – to deliver the highest performance in a daysailing package. From the keel to the masthead, design and technology decisions have been made solely to embody the principle of Alerion Sailing.

Hoyt Jib Boom

alerion33_jib_boomThe Hoyt Jib Boom is standard on the Alerion 20 and is offered as an option on our other models. Upwind, the self-tacking feature is a fantastic convenience when short-tacking in a narrow passage or sailing in a fresh breeze. Downwind, the jib boom acts as a whisker pole for sailing wing-and-wing – but it’s even better because it holds the clew in the proper position to present maximum sail area to the wind. The jib boom is also spring loaded, so it remains fully extended forward downwind, even in light air.

Mainsail Technology

The Alerion 30, 33, and 41 are equipped with a swept-spreader, carbon-fiber mast. This eliminates the need for a backstay and allows for a full roach or “fat head” mainsail for maximum speed and performance. This is a big advantage in light wind conditions when the better breeze is actually higher up off the water. In heavier air, the full roach mainsail simplifies reefing and provides for the optimal center of effort, sail shape, and boat balance when reefed.


Cockit Comfort

Alerion Sport 30 at Stanley's Boat Yard, Barrington RI
All Alerions are designed with a maximize cockpit size to accommodate your guests. Every ergonomic detail is considered, from the height of the seat back to depth of the cushions. With all the lines led aft, belowdecks, to the skipper’s position (30, 33, 41) the cockpit and seats are free from clutter and wet lines, and singlehanded sailing is effortless. On the 20 and the 28, all lines are also well within easy reach of the helmsman.


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