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Newport International Boat Show – Sept. 13-16, 2018

United States Sailboat Show (Annapolis) – Oct. 4-8, 2018



It's Regatta Season!

If you enjoy racing your Alerion, there are many terrific eevents where you can enjoy the company of[...]

Alerion Express 28 - 30th Anniversary Design Update

The Alerion Express 28 is about to turn 30. To mark this milestone we’ve updated the interior layout[...]

New Owner Announced

Alerion Yachts, the luxury daysailing brand renowned for its combination of stunning, traditional li[...]

Offshore Spars to Supply Carbon Masts for Alerion Yachts

USWatercraft is pleased to announce that Offshore Spars is the new supplier of carbon-fiber spars fo[...]

Lifelines on Alerion Yachts

We’re often asked about lifelines on Alerion Yachts; you'll notice that many of the Alerions fea[...]

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