Alerion Express 28 – 30th Anniversary Design Update

The Alerion Express 28 is about to turn 30. To mark this milestone we’ve updated the interior layout and modernized the construction process. The updates improve the overall comfort as well as the longevity of the Alerion 28, while preserving the aesthetics that have made it such an enduring design.

The first thing you’ll notice are the new companionway steps. That’s right, we removed the cooler that served as the lower step! The interior feels more “open” and you now have additional legroom when seated. Your beverages are still close at hand, stored in a soft cooler that drops several areas, including under the seats.  We’ve also increased the length of the starboard settee by a full 15 inches, making it a comfortable 38 inches long.  And with added storage both under the seats and behind the seat backs, both port and starboard, there’s plenty of room to stow all of your gear.

Counter space has been added on the port side, where we placed the cooktop and waste bin across from the sink. The shape of the bulkhead door was changed slightly so that the settees and counter space on both sides of the main cabin could be widened by a few inches. All counter tops are now Corian, and are offered in a range of color choices. The interior is also brighter, thanks to the addition of tongue and groove beadboard paneling on the sidewalls and head liner.

What you can’t see are the changes to the construction, which now includes a structural grid and liners, taking full advantage of our resin-infusion process. (We now utilize the infusion process for the interior as well as the hull and deck.) The structural grid is the foundation of the boat and, as the name implies, assures its structural integrity. It’s bonded to the hull with Plexus, a high-strength methacrylate adhesive.

We also mold and infuse the interior seating, storage areas, and bulkheads. This eliminates wood components from the interior, ensuring that any water ingress will not be absorbed. The new interior components are glued on top of the structural grid, also adding strength and stiffness to the hull. Overall, the Alerion 28 hull will be lighter, stiffer, and more durable than ever before. This is the construction method we use for the Alerion 30 as well.

Please join us as we begin the 30th Anniversary celebration of the Alerion Express 28 and Alerion Yachts. To read the history of Alerion Yachts, please visit Our Story.

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